Our Mission

Germans in Miami is a small organization, founded in 2007, by two German students – Alvaro De La Cruz and Denny Windgassen. In the summer of 2008 we a new executive member joined the team – Philipp Kroemer. In the beginning of 2010 Denny and Philpp left the organization to follow their careers, the Co Founder Alvaro De La Cruz remains in the organization as President. In July of 2013 Kimberly Bredbenner joined the organization as Vice President. In the May 2014 Tony Mamodaly came on board to support the Germans in Miami Team. For more information about our history please visit our history page.

The company’s mission is to improve the cultural, scientific, and business relationship between the United States of America and Germany by providing extensive information for businesses, students, au-pairs and tourists who would like to come to the U.S.

Germans in Miami helps German businesses by consulting with them about possible expansion strategies into the U.S. and develops on-demand solutions in order to help them reach their target audiences. This involves strong sector modeling, market analysis, and business consulting, among other services.

The organization also helps students who are interested in studying in the U.S. to understand the admission processes of the universities and support them by giving useful information about academic credit evaluation, scholarship in the US, helping with real estate, visa questions, and with advice on health and liability insurances. Along with providing a source of information for students, Germans in Miami also is available to Au pairs. Tailored guidance allows interested people to retrieve useful assistance for an easy and successful start in the foreign country.

Of course, Germans in Miami also offers its services to tourists who are coming to the U.S. in order to visit this beautiful country. The non-profit organization provides anybody seeking help with comprehensive information about Miami, explains what the most interesting attractions to see are, deals with visa questions, and with anything that guides the discovery process in South Florida.


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