Au Pair

To start the process of becoming an Au Pair contact one of the designated sponsors who will help to set you up with a host family as well as be the main contact for information leading up to arrival.

To qualify for the Au Pair program applicants must be proficient in spoken English, completed secondary school or equivalent, and between 18 and 26 years-old. Applicants will be interviewed in English and a report will be made to provide the potential host family with. As part of the process the applicant will also be subject to a background check that will include school verification, a criminal background check, and references by 3 non-family related personals and employers. Approval in the SEVIS Program is required. Au pairs require a J1 visa for the United States which can be applied for once all other requirements and prerequisites have been met.

More information as well as FAQs can be found at the U.S. Government web page.

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