Buying a Car in Florida



Need your own ride in Miami? There are many things to take into consideration when you are looking for a car to buy or lease. Always test drive a car if possible. For new cars make sure the Lemon Laws are met. These laws protect you from manufacturer defect that impairs use, safety, or value significantly. These laws do not protect used cars so be sure to do a vehicle history report to check for vehicle damage, reports, mileage, and other important factors. Account for taxes and additional fees when considering the budget for a car. Calculate your tax, tag, and title fees from Tax and Tags.

There are many websites where you can find cars. On you can find cars in your area; you can also find cars at Craigslist, but we do not really recommend that site. There are many mechanics that you can take a car to inspect the vehicle before you even purchase it, they should not charge you more than $75-$100 to inspect the entire vehicle.



Many European foreigners buy European cars here in the US and export them to their home countries. Since the US is a consumer market and car demands are much higher than in Germany for example, the prices are lower than in Germany. Here is the ultimate test…


The same Audi S6, with the same features has a big price difference from the Audi US site and the Audi Germany site. The Car in the Miami area will cost you $83,951 including taxes and fees. The same car will cost you 91,970 EUR which is $124,656 (as of October 16, 2013). This is price difference of $32,686. Besides these savings, many people also decide to import cars from the US that do not exist in the European market.

Importing a car to Germany requires shipping (about $2000), modifications to the lights (about 500 EUR) and taxes. Soon we will have more information on how you can do all that, avoid some fees if possible, who to contact and other information that is necessary.

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