German citizen can obtain an international health insurance from Germany by calling the ADAC. In our opinion they are by far the best company to be insured with. The ADAC Germany will cover any cost up to 50 EUR per submitted case. The Germans in Miami team has tried out several different insurance companies and all of them offered similar prices and service.  But please keep in mind that the ADAC is the biggest European vehicle insurance agent.

One of our Germans in Miami readers told a story that happened to him. In 2008 he was on a US / South America trip and had an accident in Honduras. There was no ambulance so they took him on a pick up truck to a local hospital. The hospital was not able to operate on his injuries. The ADAC chartered a helicopter to fly him to the capital to be operated. One week later he was flown back to Miami and from there with business class back to Germany.



In order to register a car you must have Florida insurance. There is a minimum amount of insurance coverage in Florida; $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL) in order to maintain a valid Florida license plate. Without insurance the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is authorized to uspend driving privilege, vehicle license plate, and registration for up to three years or until given proof of Florida Insurance. Even if not a resident of Florida personal injury protection and property damage liability is required for vehicles that are in Florida for more than 90 days during a 365-day period, consecutive or not.

To obtain a car insurance you can call any insurance agent in Miami. Google Search

This and more information can be found at Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

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