On German TV – VOX

On German TV – VOX

“This video is a documentary on a German TV channel called VOX whitch features a show called “”Goodbye Deutschland – Die Auswanderer”” of Daniela Katzenbergerin Miami.
Alvaro De La Cruz meets Daniela Katzenberger in Miami and gives her advice about the local market. Today Daniela Katzenberger is a celebrity in Germany, with her own TV show, movies, TV series, a restaurant in Spain, clothing line, and much more.

Mr. De la Cruz founded a community for Germans in Miami. GermansInMiami.com is a Non-Profit Organization to help German speaking citizens.
Many immigrate to the US to try to live the “”American Way of Life””, Germans in Miami is a great starting point.

Alvaros’ NGO is funded by his other business and from generous donations.
Please help support us. “

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