Open a Business

Registering a business in the US has many advantages for Europeans and it can be very rewarding venture for many foreign businesses. Since it is not required to be a U.S. citizen or apply for a visa, foreign nationals are able to start or expand on U.S. soil. Please keep in mind that this does not allow you to live in the U.S or work for your business.

Germans in Miami can help you to register the business for you. A registered agent with a valid Florida address is required. You as the business owner can act as the registered agent or another person who is authorized to receive legal papers on behalf of the business, we also can do that for you.

We offer a service that does the Florida business registration for you. we will also obtain a Tax ID number, also called EIN number for tax purposes. When you purchase this service we will also include a 30 minute call. We can call you on your landline, on Skype or call you through Facetime.

Stay tuned! Soon we will provide more information and videos.

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