Student Visa


Students who intend to participate in an American University must be accepted by a SEVP approved school before applying for their F-1 or J-1 Visa. Once accepted in the program you must pay the I-901 fee, then the school will provide an I-20 form to present at your visa interview. More information can be found from the U.S. Government and SEVIS.

There are many good universities in Miami. St. Thomas University (Private), Florida International University – FIU, Miami Dade College and many more. International students have to pay usually 3 times as much as residence for their classes in state universities. Private universities such as St. Thomas University have the same price for all students. It is worth it checking out some private universities and compare them with state universities. St. Thomas University also provides scholarships if a student has good grates. That will help to drop the price of the final cost.

Soon we will provide some informative videos.

Other Resources

  • College Board is a sites that gives a lot of helpful information on universities and much more. 
  • On, you can find out the world ranking of each university.


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