Study Facts

Why study in Florida?

1 Intellectual experience
a. new cultures
b. connections with foreign companies

2 Personal growth
b. open yourself to the world
c. develop better organisation skills
d. learn country specific knowledge
e. adaptability to new environments

3. Linguistic Proficiency
a. ​​improve foreign language skills
b. provides advantages in future careers

4. Overall Experiences
a. numerous new possibilities
b. enrichment in life experiences
c. make new contacts

5. Better Your Job Opportunities
a. study abroad shows that you are confident and open minded
b. In our globalized world it is important that you know your way in the world
c. Since the U.S. is a big role model for many companies, it is all the better to have experience with the work styles

6. Studying in the U.S. is closely related to the professional practice
a. network opportunities
b. professors have worked in their  field before teaching at the University level
c. friendly and less authoritative relations between professors and students

7.  Opportunity for scholarships
a. sports
b. academic
c. merit

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