Work Visa

Employment visas are divided into 5 categories, E1-E5. These represent different occupations or levels of employment from investors, professionals, skilled, or unskilled workers. Each year there is around 140,000 employment immigration visas made available. All levels require a petition made by U.S. prospective employers, except for Immigrant Investors who have their own petition as well as requirements for qualification separate from the other levels. Like other immigration visas the process is mostly handled by the NVC once the petition is approved. All information and further instructions will come from the NVC leading up to the interview, which can be scheduled once the file is deemed complete. Medical examinations and vaccination requirements must be met before the interview to avoid delays in processing.

More information for the above visas as well as other visa options can be found here.

A List of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions across the globe.

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